LL Prismaset 2. To be released on Lineto in 2018. Drawn in collaboration with Mauro Paolozzi. [2016–2017]
HYPERLINK https://lineto.com

 In Rust We Trust cycling caps. Upon receiving the David Rust Prize I was asked to make a design contributuion In Rust We Trust – Design against cancer. Which resulted in these cycling caps. Typeface: AB Otto. [2018]

 Skrift i det Offentlige Rom, a mapping of signage and lettering in the streets of Oslo between 1863 and 1963. Made in collaboration with Simon Gustavsson and Petter Dybvig. Supported by Frifond. [2016] ISBN 978­-82-­690018-­3-­9

 Mappe, Dossier and Folder. Catalogs and book for Annaïk Lou Pitteloud. Made in collaboration with Georg Rutishauser. [2016] ISBN 978-3-03746-200-3 *Awarded Silver in the Most Beautiful Norwegian Books 2016.

 Erik Spiekermann, Christian Schwartz and François Rappo on Subtle Expression in Typography. A research of how one shapes the expression of typefaces for bodytext. Read all the interviews here. [2015] ISBN 978-82-690018-1-5

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