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 Book version of Skrift i det Offentlige Rom. [2017]

Vogue Typeface Vogue. Work in progress [2016–]

 Publication titled Skrift i det Offentlige Rom, made in collaboration with Simon Gustavsson and Petter Dybvig. Supported by Frifond. [2016] ISBN 978­-82-­690018-­3-­9

 Book for Annaïk Lou Pitteloud and Manor. Collaboration with Edition Fink. [2016] ISBN 978-3-03746-200-3

 Old book, old face, new life. [2016]

 Renens Annuaire. [2016]

 Rosart. [2016]

 Exhibition piece displaying a karaoke video made for Anohni. Made in collaboration with Clément Tremblot, Nicolas Toulotte and Senta Simond. [2016]

 Aar. [2016]

 Exhibition in collaboration with MA-AD at Charlottenborg, Copenhagen. [2016] Photo: Maxime Guyon

 Kvit. Typeface made for a digital clock, reflecting different stages of light. Made in collaboration with Juliette Collin. [2016]

 Sveits. Calvert revival. [2016]

 Sinalco Coconut. [2016]

 Rund. A rational geometric. [2016]

 Book titled Not a Window. Experimenting with making the subjectivity of a photograph visible in methods of reproduction. Printed with laser engraved wooden boards on a letterpress machine. [2015] ISBN 978-82-690018-2-2

 Exhibition catalogues for Annaïk Lou Pitteloud and Manor. Collaboration with Edition Fink. [2015] German: ISBN 978-3-03746-196-9, French: ISBN 978-3-03746-197-6

 Collaboration with Edition Fink: Newspaper series for Robert Estermann titled Scenic Tongical. [2015]

 Identity for a fictional totalitarian regime. With a constructed Georgian Asomtavruli typeface. [2015] Photo: Maxime Guyon

 Exhibition in collaboration with entire MA-AD department. [2015] Photo: Maxime Guyon

 A New Type of Imprint Volume Four. Design of cover, part two and a custom typeface. [2015] Photo: Anti

 Exhibition identity for Blue Skies Becoming Almost Black. [2015]

 Assisting Köhle & Vermot: Exhibition titled Blue skies becoming almost black. Shown at Annex 14, Zürich and Galerie de Roussan, Paris. [2015]

 Triangle wooden stage as a part of It must be regarded as a forgery unless it is proven to be genuine, by Köhle & Vermot. Shown at Helmhaus, Zürich. [2015]

 Self initiated textbook titled Erik Spiekermann, Christian Schwartz and François Rappo on Subtle Expression in Typography. Read all the interviews in their entirety here. [2015] ISBN 978-82-690018-1-5

 Redesign of periodical titled Samfunnsviter’n (2, 3, 4/2014) done for Faculty of Humanities at the University of Oslo. [2014]

 Wackybrettet, made for Wacky Magazine and You Skateboards. [2014]

 Wackycapsen, made for Wacky Magazine. [2014]

2016, Cornel Windlin, Berlin
2015, Edition Fink, Zürich
2015, Köhle & Vermot, Zürich
2014, Eriksen / Brown, Oslo
2011–12, Bonnier Publications, Oslo
2009–12,, Oslo

2015–17, MA, Lausanne
2012–15, BA, Oslo

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